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Crushing 4 U

Rs. 4,200

A complete set of gifts together to make your loved one feel so special.
Visiting Card Holder Case
Visiting Card Holder Book
Sticky Pad with Pen Holder
2 Roses
Glass Jar Mug
2 Sun Crush Malt drink
2 Torren Chocolates

Addon Products:
    Sweet Buds Gift Bag (Rs. 200)
    Gift Wrap (Rs. 400)
    Butterflies (Rs. 100)
    Grey Teddy (Rs. 350)
    Frock Teddy (Rs. 350)
    Small Teddy (Rs. 250)
    Bunny (Rs. 350)
    Add Large Rose (Rs. 280)
    Add Medium Rose (Rs. 200)
    Birthday Tag (Rs. 250)
    Love Tag (Rs. 250)
    Congrats Tag (Rs. 200)
    Glitter Hearts (Rs. 150)
    Extra Ferrero Rocher (Rs. 400)